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Fashion Tips & Style Advice

Fashion Tips & Style Advice

Four Fashion Tips 


Fashion is Architecture. It is a matter of proportions. -Coco Chanel

Dots – Graphic dots skew more sleek than sweet on muted tones and tailored silhouettes.

Opposites Attract

 One of the biggest shifts in the way the fashion-forward dress: to conjure up an outfit from two or more items that, only a few years ago, it would’ve been impossible to imagine as part of the same ensemble. It can be intimidating for the rest of us. This will make you look modern, often using pieces you’ve had in your wardrobe for years.

  • Pair an undone kimono- or button-down or wrap dress- over jeans and a tee for the ultimate in contemporary clash matches.
  • Assing an underlayer, like a classic white shirt, can be a great way to reinvent a party dress as day wear.
  • Overlaying a couple of pieces of outerwear delivers effortless cool, plus the flexibility to deal with changing temperatures.
  • Sharp Tailoring spliced with streetwear adds up to a contemporary look whatever your age

Blazer Magic
Blazer Magic

Magic is a strong word. But a great jacket can deliver something close.

It’s a staple for every fashion professional I know because it can effortlessly change up any look.

The latest tweak is to wear a mannish style open over a feminine skirt or dress.

But the jacket can be your best friend for other reasons.

Buy the best cut and best kind of detailing for your shape and size and it will spotlight you in just the right way.

Single-breasted works on everyone, but it is especially good if you are more broad.

Change up predictable black or navy for a more interesting, yet still stealth hue like forest green.

If you are petite, both double-breasting and contrast detailing will emphasize your curves nicely if you have them, or endow you with some if you don’t. A short cut will add the illusion of height.

Find a woman in the public eye who has a similar body shape to you and whose style you admire. Look and learn from how she dresses.

Style Advice

The Essentials

The Doyenne Dozen

  • Trench Coat
  • Tuxedo Suit
  • Cashmere Sweater
  • Pair of Loafers or Ballet Flats
  • Classically Cut Jeans
  • Breton Top
  • Little Black Dress
  • White Sneakers
  • White or Cream Shirt or Blouse
  • Olive Utility Jacket
  • Peacoat

You don’t need much, it just needs to be the best you can afford.

Nice and Easy Does It.

That’s what pulling together the elusive happy-ever-after wardrobe can deliver for you.

Ease in the way you look.

Ease in the way you feel. Just as importantly, it will make getting dressed in the morning simple, too, transforming it from a chore into pleasure and a swift one at that.

Classic pieces such as a trench coat and a Breton top are likely to help you find your way to fashion freedom.

But only if you love them.

The happy-ever-after wardrobe is, at its name suggests, about what YOU love, which might be something else entirely.

  • Jeans and a Blouse What could be simpler? But a pretty print and quirky accessories turn this into an A-grade performance.
  • A patterned pencil skirt can do magical things with a woman’s curves.
  • There’s nothing more versatile than a colorful jack, which will change up weekday and weekend wear with equal aplomb.
  • Invest in the best quality knitwear you can. Buy right and it will look as good on you today as five years down the line.

Little Black Dress aka “LBD”

When Coco Chanel sprang her little black dress on an unsuspecting world in 1926, it was nothing sort of a revolution. Here was a servant’s dress retooled to be fit for the lady of the manor. Indeed that designer exhorted her wealthy clients to “dress as plainly as their maids.” Here was a bravura sleight of hand, which turned class codes on their head, which proved that less really could be more. Or as Chanel put it, that “Elegance is refusal.”

“I imposed black; it is still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around. -Coco Chanel

Pants and jeans

Pants and jeans can make you look effortlessly chic, and can be more straightforward to mix and match than a skirt. Those are two of the reasons why they are the default for the fashion pack, along with all the great options out there these days Once you properly understand your body shape and a few key details around cut and design you will be able to find pants and jeans that really deliver for you.

The Pants Policy

When you try on an item and like it, that’s when you apply the pants policy.

First, scrunch up the fabric to see if it creases.

Then enact the 20-minute trail. That’s how long you wear them for, and during that time you walk around, sit down.

You want to put your putative purchase through its pace before its too late.

How do they look?

Have they gone saggy around the waist or bottom?

Is the fabric exhibiting any signs of wear and tear?

Has even a smidgen of the dread camel toe made an appearance?

Has the leg length stayed the same as initially, or has it gone shorter or longer?

A decorative side stripe is a miracle-working special effect when it comes to elongating the legs.

Pants come in many colors and patterns galore. A flat-fronted cut with no side pockets is slimming, and cropped legs can be flattering, too. Wear with a statement shoe.

Pocket Science

Which pockets will work for you depends on myriad infinitesimal factors. But if your bottom is big and/ or flat, these are your best routes.

Large Pockets– Great for making a large derriere appear smaller, or a flat one rounder.

Curved– Another way to bring added bootyliciousness to the flatter variety of booty.

Diagonal– Tactic number two for dialing down the chunkier trunk. Make sure the pocket length is long, not short.

Square– Diversion number three….square pockets again long rather than short.

If you have any Advice on Fashion or Style Tips Please Leave A Comment.

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