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The Clarisonic Brush

The Clarisonic Brush

The Clarisonic Brush brand went out of business on 9/2020.

I was honestly hurt because this brush worked very well on my skin.

This Brush cleaned my skin better than anything I ever used before.

I start seeing a difference in my skin from using this Brush in less than two weeks.

This brush isn’t cheap; it is $200.00, but it’s worth every penny.

Mia Clarisonic Brush

ClarClarisonic Brushisonic Mia Smart, the one I bought, comes with one brush head and a plugin charger.

The Mia Smart is Water Proof, BlueTooth connected. You can choose between Daily Cleanse, Gentle, or Smart mode.
After you download the App and connect your device, you can Customize your brush to fit your skincare needs.

Clarisonic customer service was terrific; if you had any problem, they would replace your brush; that’s why downloading the App is essential because you’re Registering your brush with the company.
Using the smart mode adds a skincare routine for your skincare goal; for example, Radiant Cleanse or Major Makeup Removal is a smart mode you can add to your brush.


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