Poem “Love”



Love; loves regardless of what “THEY” say.
Love doesn’t care if they stare.
Love is pure.
Love is fair.
Love is him; because he loves me.
Love is accepting.
Love is the sound of his voice on a fall autumn day; against the leaves.
Love is the sunset in July, FEBRUARY, and May.
Honestly, Love is the sunset every day.
It’s the years that make this Love so strong.
Love lives in the moment; all we have is right now!
I love him because he understands and accepts me for me.
He accepted my scars, flaws, and all.
Love is grateful.
Love is caring for your man.
Love is caring for your lady.
Love is caring for a friend.
Love is patient.
Love is Kind.
Love is Classy.
Love is never nasty.
If we fight, Love can’t be there because
Love is calm, affectionate, and knows how to care.
Love is respectful.
Love pays attention.
Love is confident with itself and doesn’t need attention.
Love isn’t looking.
Love can stay home and be happy.
Love doesn’t have to party every weekend or be seen everywhere.
Love is unique.
Love is rare.
If you love me, let me know now because tomorrow isn’t promised; all we have is now.
I truly really love you.
I don’t want to waste another moment.
I’m expressing myself to you.
I’m giving you everything.
I’m giving you my all because Love is genuine, Love is real, and I can’t hold back anymore.
I want you to know when I leave this earth.
I’m not going to be sad because of you,
I experienced and felt real Love.
Thank you for always being you,
my gentle Teddy Bear,
my Ocean when it was no ocean there.
My Sunshine on a rainy day; My ray of hope during this Pandemic,
I love you so much; I swear I do because,
you aren’t just my Love; you’re my Boo!

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