Poem On “Drugs”



Drugs seem Fun now, Because You’re Young, and you Think it’s Cool and Fun. You See The Kids at School doing it. You Hear about it in all the Songs. But Imagine a Gloomy, Rainy Dark Day, with Clouds in the Sky; after they’re all gone.

Drugs aren’t Fun; When you have, No need to do anything, Productive But get High, Be Lazy; and Lay around, Like a Bum.

Drugs are no Fun; When you can die in your sleep. 

Drugs aren’t Fun; When you can lose Your Youthful looks; and Beautiful Smile and healthy teeth.

Drugs aren’t Fun; When all those Friends aren’t Around.

Drugs are for Lames, Those who don’t know how to deal with pain.

Drugs are for those; Who don’t know their worth.

Drugs are the Devil’s Best Friend; Because it’s easy to Possess someone who can’t control themselves.

People on Drugs, Commit the most Crimes; Because they listen to that Negative Voice From Deep Inside.

Drugs aren’t your friend. They Lie to you, Push you;

and say, “Do it”! “Act now”! “You’re Mad… it’s ok”!

Drugs don’t make you, Think Better. You were Smart all along.

The Devil is a Lie; that’s why he encourages doing Drugs on all Platforms; To make you Think, You’re having fun when you’re high. When all along, You’re Destroying yourself from inside, and Limiting your time being alive.

Drugs are that Person, Who does ANYTHING, To fit in with the Crowd.

Drugs are that Person who wants Attention, so they talk Super Loud.

Drugs are the Enemy. They start off ok. You think they care and love you,

Because of the high; you feel when Drugs are inside you.

But see, Drugs sneak up; and Rob you of everything you have; because you let them in. You thought they were your friend; But all along, they were trying to find a way to destroy you from within; Because when you do drugs, You’re destroying your mind. Your planting a Seed, That thinks with doing drugs; It’s going to be Better,

It is not True!

You are Better without Drugs, can’t you see; Your Wiser, Healthier and More Active.

Let the ones who don’t Think much of Themselves do Drugs.

Because honestly, If you Love Yourself and want to Win;

Then put Drugs aside; I swear, Baby, you can!

Because Drugs; are Destroying our Generation every day.

Be strong! Be a Leader!

Live Long enough to see Yourself get Old.

Live Long enough to help the Less Fortunate.

Please don’t do Drugs; and not because of Nancy Reagan’s corny campaign, “Just Say No,” and her Husband was Selling Drugs on the low.

Do it for You, Your Family, and Your Children. Do it to be a Leader; and most of all. Do it to keep your Brain Strong.

Drugs aren’t for you, Because you are a Winner; and a Go-Getter. 

Drugs are for People, Who don’t know how to make Money.

Keep your Money and, Get high off Knowledge and Wisdom.

Remember who you are, and know your

Worth! Respect Yourself, Your Body, and Your Money. 

Please don’t do drugs; it’s Not a Money Maker!

 Be You; Be Different and Unique.

Don’t follow the Crowd; even if you have to Stand Alone, Stand Tall and Proud, and say, I don’t do Drugs that’s Super Lame.”

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