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Dangers Of Worrying

Dangerous of Worrying

Why Worrying Is Dangerous

Higher levels of anxiety can trigger those stress hormones that make your heart beat faster and harder.

Suppose worrying sticks around long enough, and it can affect your heart.

Worrying can make you more likely to have high blood pressure, a heart attack, or a stroke.

The Danger Worrying Can Do To Our Minds

  • Worry is a state of mind based upon fear.
  • It works slowly but persistently.
  • Worry is insidious and subtle.
  • Step by step until it “Digs itself in” paralyzes your reasoning faculty and destroys your self-confidence and initiative.
  • “Worry” is a form of fear caused by indecision which means it is a state of mind that can be controlled.
  • Indecision makes an unsettled mind; and an unsettled mind is helpless.
  • Most individuals lack the willpower to promptly reach decisions and stand by those decisions after being made.
  • There is only one known antidote for worry, and it’s the habit of prompt and firm decision.
  • We do not worry over conditions once we have decided to follow a definite line of action.
  • Kill the habit of worry in all its forms by reaching a general blanket decision that nothing life offers is worth the price of worry.
  • With this decision will come poise peace of mind and calmness of thought that will bring happiness.
  • A person whose mind is with fear destroys their chances of intelligent action but transmits these destructive vibrations to the mind of all who comes into contact with him and also eliminates their chances.
  • Even a dog or a horse knows when its master lacks courage; moreover, a dog or a horse will pick up the vibrations of fear thrown off by its master and behave accordingly.
  • A honeybee immediately senses fear in the mind of a person for reasons unknown.
  • A bee will sting the person whose mind is releasing fear much quicker than it will a person whose mind has no fear.
  • You may control your mind; you have the power to feed it whatever thought impulse you choose.

When you read your Prayers out loud it is autosuggestion.

When you read this Prayer, have faith and believe in the words your speaking

To Read This Prayer Click Here  “To Live Free From Worry” 


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