Pink ribbonThis is my Beauty Lifestyle Blog that helps anyone dealing with self-confidence, financial problems, or skincare. Everything I write on this blog is about what I been through in life; and how I learnt from it. I want to help you find inexpensive ways to fix your problems. I genuinely believe that when we put our minds to work and believe in what we want, we can achieve almost anything. I’m very Spiritual, I believe Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior, I believe in The Law of Attraction, and I believe in the power of words. I want to show you how to open your third eye to achieve peace, happiness, and, most of all, financial freedom. That’s what this blog is all about, Self Improvement. My name is Asia Massey I am 32  years old — the mother of two daughters. I had both my girls young. I started from humble beginnings. I raised my girls by myself while living in poverty. Through trial and tribulation, I got closer to Jesus, which I feel has helped me with my confidence and has open so many doors in my life. I have my Associates Degree In Early Childhood. I am a Licensed Aesthetician and Seamstress. After I graduated from High School, I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I did not know anything about parenting. So I decided to enroll in our Community College “Stark State” to become a Teacher. After spending hours of observation and working in the school system. I decided to take my expertise to raising and spending time with my daughters. Writing has always been my passion. All my life, I have kept a journal. Writing is my therapy; I encourage myself through writing. This Lifestyle Blog, where I inspire women to know their worth and to find their beauty from within because that is where it starts. I will share my intellect on beauty, skincare, parenting, and motivational tips on self-love. You are never too young or too old to live out your dream. I also share my Podcast for Prayer on Confidence and Prosperity. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.

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